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easy to use loop system to accommodate your expanding bump

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easy to use clip system for feeding on the go

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easy to wear dresses for the stylish mum

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Our Collection

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Mia £ 130.00
Gabriella image
Gabriella £ 130.00
Eva image
Eva £ 130.00
Mariana image
Mariana £ 130.00
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Sofia £ 150.00
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Juanita £ 130.00

Be A Bonita Mamma

  1. Breast-feeding in style! 

    Become a Bonita Mamma in our breastfeeding friendly evening gowns. Our gowns are stylish and practical for you to feel and look special, as every new mum should do. While offering you an easy and comfortable solution to nursing your child while looking your very best. 

    Each dress is ideal for both during and after pregnancy. Ideal for the ever changing baby bump and for nursing mothers to conveniently breast-feed in our comfortable baby friendly fabric. 

    Our collections are all embedded with discreet clip system for you to feed your child on the go. So you too can looking glamorous, in our ready-to-wear evening dress collection.  Made with handcrafted, lightweight and easy to wash fabric, you won’t turn down another party invitation again!

    Our collection is specifically handpicked to offer you Bonita Mammas a stunning range of dresses to suit every occasion that may come your way. So whether you’re going to a black tie event, or your work's Christmas do, a wedding reception or a New Year’s Eve party, each dress can be worn all year round. 

    You name it and we have a gorgeous dress waiting for you! 

    Each dress Bonita Mamma creates is made with the to quality fabric for your baby and for your peace at mind. 

    We also offer our Bonita Mammas stylish bespoke dresses to fit your specific taste and style.

    Even when you’ve had your new addition, but you still need the ultimate in elegance for a party, you can look good and feel great, without any fuss or embarrassment over breast-feeding, because of our clever designs made especially for you.

    Become a Bonita Mamma today! So you can feel special, as every new Mum should do.

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