Congratulations on becoming a Mummy to Be! Bonita Mamma wishes you a happy, enjoyable pregnancy and of course a safe labour! 

Now that you are pregnant it will be very important for you to look sparkling and sexy at all those special occasions you'll be attending whether they are weddings, birthdays, christenings or of course baby showers! It doesn't have to be the case that you can't go to a special occasion as there will be no reason for you to turn down a party invite because Bonita Mamma will be able to provide you with gorgeous and glamorous maternity outfits.

We would like this special journey to become that bit more special as you dress your baby bump with love and pride whilst still giving you that feel good factor and making you look better than all the rest! You no longer need to be restricted to what you can buy as we will offer you the chance to wear anything you like! That's right!

You can go to your special occasion wearing exactly what you had in mind because Bonita Mamma will make any dress you like in your maternity size. All that we will need is a clear picture as big as possible and ask you to send it to us via one of the methods as described below.

This bespoke service is one of a kind and is provided by no other. I became increasingly frustrated during my pregnancy and still wanted to attend those special occasions as they only come around so often prompting me to do something about this for me and now hopefully you.